Padauk, Which Glue?


From original questioner:

Building some maple Kiosks edged in 1/2" x 3/4" Padauk. What is the best type of glue for this application? I have already ruled out yellow glue and running parts through the edgebander, any insight will be helpful, thanks in advance

From contributor Ad

Epoxy. Sand both surfaces with 80 grit. Wipe the paduak with denatured alcohol prior to glueing.

From contributor jo

Hi Ramsey,Maybe Im just lucky but I worked extensively with paduak on some large projects using only yellow titebond 2,,,,,bartops,,furniture,,etc...10 years out no failures.....didnt use acetone or treat in any special manner.One of the nicest woods to work with.....but the pink sawdust is hard to wash out of a white shirt.

From contributor gu

Titebond 3 works good use it on ipe and have never had a failure

From contributor La

No special glue needed Padauk glues easily. The pink dust from sanding seems to get everywhere though. As in all good work, glue as soon after the edges have been machined as possible. If the sanding dust gets mixed with any liquid you will have made a potent dye!