Painting over Lacquer on Kitchen Cabinets

Advice on applying oil or latex paint over existing lacquer. March 25, 2007

I need advice on painting over lacquer kitchen cabinets with either latex or oil to keep the client happy. I can not spray in the environment. Can I sand light and then prime and paint?

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From contributor E:
Call your lacquer supplier and ask. Also call the paint company technicians for the brand you would use.

From contributor A:
Do a test panel on a drawer back.
- Sand the surfaces 220g.
- Apply 1 coat premium oil primer, Kills, or Bullseye 123 oil.
- Let it dry.
- Sand it all nice and smooth 220g.

- Apply whatever topcoat enamel you like in a WB or an oil. Use only premium grade or better products.

Should work fine. You can also test the Bullseye latex to see if it will stick as a primer.

From contributor B:
You can also apply a couple of thin coats of Minwax Polycrylic over the latex or oil-based paint for a little more protection. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendation for care of the finish after applied.

From contributor W:
One thing to remember is your primer and lacquer must be lacquer base... They have to be. If not, then whatever material you're spraying will not be compatible - major chemical reaction. Why can't you spray in the environment?

From contributor S:
He is asking about latex and oil-based paints, not lacquer. Minwax polycrylic is a water-based product that can go over latex and oil. I have done this myself many times when hand painting distressed pieces.

From contributor S:
Clean with solvent or TSP, then scuff sand, then apply Bins or Kilz for barrier coat.