Panel Drying Racks

Advice on commercially made and shop-built rack systems for drying door panels after finishing. July 18, 2013

Anyone know of a source for panel drying racks? I need something stronger than the wire racks Hafele used to have.

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From contributor R:
What size panels are you working with? If you're working with door size panels, you'll need something different than for drying cabinet pieces. My friend uses ErectaRacks for doors, but not sure where he got them.

From contributor B:
We use multiple rack from Hafele. They are some of the highest quality racks that I have come across.

From contributor I:
I have used most types of racks and I find that the Jowi racks are the best (way better than the Hafele).

From the original questioner:
Thanks - those would work well. I went to the website to order, but the supplier no longer carries them as they had gotten too expensive and nobody was buying them. Still looking for ideas.

From contributor G:
I build these out of 3/4" plywood and edgeband the top face with PVC. The complete stand comes out of one sheet. The first ones I made, the center support was sized so all the cross pieces would fit inside the box for storage. I now make the center support smaller to get a longer support arm.

Click here for higher quality, full size image

From contributor C:
Well done! I don't think this rack will sag.

From contributor V:
Schmalz USA (Raleigh, NC) still makes panel drying racks and trolleys. Not cheap, but very similar to Jowi.