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Do any of you have performance review forms tailored to our industry that you can share? i.e. one for the shop foreman listing out his typical job requirements, one for the men in the shop listing out theirs, etc?

Appreciate any help.

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From contributor Pa

I have attached mine below. It is not position-specific, but is aimed at shop people.

We do reviews once a year. Each employee evaluates themselves, and then the shop manager and/or myself fills out the same form. At the review, we discuss any discrepancies in the scoring, and also the general questions. I developed this format last year after a lot of discussion with people I know who run similar sized-companies, and also in consultation with my workers. The first year worked out well.

Reviews take up a lot of time, but I have found that they are very beneficial. Last year, we changed one helper into our CNC operator, because it turned out that he was fascinated by the machine and was dying to work with it. And he has been brilliant. In general, the reviews brought shop morale up considerably, because it demonstrated to my people that we were serious about them and about making the company operate better.

I followed up the reviews with the implementation of a profit sharing program, which has also been a big success. But that's another story.

Feel free to use this in any way you want, and to modify it any way that works for you.

Paul Downs

From contributor Er

Paul - thank you for sharing.

From contributor Ca

Would love to hear the story about profit sharing.

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Me too! Me too!

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