Pie-Slicing a Log

Quick description and info about a German-made saw that slices logs radially. July 15, 2012

I heard that there is an Italian log sawing machine that can cut a log into three equal triangular parts longitudinally (like a Mercedes logo). I heard that slicing wood blocks this way increases the yield and reduces the waste, compared to traditional sawing method. What do you think of this method? What is the machine called?

Forum Responses
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From contributor G:
Interesting. I suppose you could also do that with a swing saw followed by a band mill.

From John Van Brussel, forum technical advisor:
This can be done with a circular sawmill. Usually the 1/3 sections are cut and then the log is strapped back together for steaming in a steam vat or hot water vat. Larger logs are sometimes quartered or halved using a band saw. Again the sections are strapped together for steaming.

From contributor D:
The saw you are referring to is a Canalli saw built in Germany. It is a large overhead saw that cuts down to the center line of the log as the carriage passes underneath it. The log is then rotated and cut again to the center. You can cut as many pies as you want in this way. The primary use for this saw in North America is to avoid the flake in oak.

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