Pigmented Pre Cat


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I will be spraying white pigmented pre cat lacquer for the first time. Looking for do's and dont's,tips.Wood species will be soft maple

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If this is for a kitchen or bathroom spray no less than 4 coats. Two coats of a vinyl primer followed by two topcoats of paint. I've been finishing now 7 years and learned this the hard way. Also ease all edges of doors to prolong water damage! Good Luck

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Thanks James
no it is a entertainment center I will be spraying.

From contributor Bo

Since you are using soft maple, make sure you do not sand the wood too slick. Maple is a very tight grain wood and will tend to almost polish if you use too fine of a paper. I would not use any finer than 120 grit. This will allow the primer to bond better. I personally use poplar or alder when using pigmented lacquer.

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"If this is for a kitchen or bathroom spray no less than 4 coats"

Better check your pre-cat lacquer PI sheet first. A lot of pre-cats have a max dry film build of just 2 mils, max usually around 5 mils. If you exceed that you run the risk of checking. (That dry film is total film build on most brands also not just topcoat)

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Rick is spot on, don't over build the finish.

Pigmented lacquer adds an additional challenge of proper surface preparation. Surface flaws will be far more visible. A good undercoat will allow you to level minor surface flaws, but you will need to ensure a good surface prior to the undercoat.