Placing Images Into CAD Drawings

Tricks for keeping embedded image files crisp and clear in AutoCAD output. March 1, 2006

I have a great company logo done as a graphic (jpg) in Adobe PhotoShop. Upon inserting it into my stock AutoCAD template, and adjusting the scale down, the darn thing screens and prints fuzzy with somewhat jagged edges and appears a little out of focus. How do I maintain the original's high resolution and general crisp look with rounded edges and drop shadow? Any pointers are appreciated.

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From contributor A:
Use your Adobe PhotoShop to convert the .jpg image to a .bmp (bitmap) image and then insert into your drawings as a fill or symbol, depending on your cad software. By using a bitmap, when you print or plot the drawing in black and white, the bitmap image will retain its color characteristics and print in full color while the rest of the drawing is black and white.

When creating the .bmp, keep the image as small as possible - around 1-1/2" or smaller because the .bmp format is very large (file size) and can affect refresh rates when the file size is too big. The size of the logo is adjusted up to scale upon insertion into the desired space on the drawing. The CAD program provides for the fill to be stretch to fit, scale to fit, fill extents, etc.

From the original questioner:
I will take your advice and see how it goes. Iím still learning the AutoCAD stuff. Nothing beats experience though.

From contributor B:
When I first started using images in my .dwgs, there were a couple of variables that gave me some trouble. I pulled the AutoCAD Help fileís descriptions of these variables in case they might be of some help on this subject.

Command line: imageframe
Enter image frame setting [ON/OFF]: Enter an option or press ENTER
Raster images can be displayed with or without a frame. Because you select an image by clicking its frame, setting IMAGEFRAME to Off prevents you from accidentally selecting an image.
Displays image frames so you can select images.
Hides image frames so you cannot select images.
Command line: imagequality
Enter image quality setting [High/Draft]: Enter an option or press ENTER
Produces a high quality display of the image. AutoCAD displays the image more slowly than a draft-quality image.
Produces a lower quality display of the image. AutoCAD displays the image more quickly than a high-quality image.