Plywood Offcut Organizing Systems

Plywood scraps aren't waste if you use 'em but keeping them saved and sorted is a challenge. There are basic and advanced systems for doing that. January 27, 2008

I am looking for a machine that will help us organize our plywood scraps that come off of the CNC router. I have seen something like a giant filing system that has an automated arm that moves to the correct bin to show the CNC operator which bin to either take scrap out of or put it in. I have been searching for this system for about a month now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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From contributor B:
Try It looks like they mostly deal with huge warehouses, but may have a small-scale solution.

1. When a packer receives an order, he enters it in Kiva's software system, which tracks the warehouse's inventory as well as the location of every product and shelf.
2. The software finds the nearest available products and directs robots to deliver the shelving units to the pick-and-pack station.
3. There, a laser pointer automatically illuminates the product on the shelf and the box in which it should be packed.
4. Afterward, the robot carries the shelving unit to the nearest vacant spot.

From the original questioner:
Thank you. This is not what I'm looking for. What we need is more like a large filing cabinet that offcuts from the table will slide into. I have seen the system before, in action. I just can't remember who manufactured it and where it was. I think I've seen it in one of the Wood Digest magazines as well, so I went through all the ones I had, but didn't find anything.

From contributor K:
I believe Stiles/Homag has something like you are describing.

From contributor J:
There are definitely different methods of accommodating what you are looking for. The exact solution is going to be determined by how automated you would like the system to be. Panels can be stored vertically or horizontally, and software will track panel location, size, etc., and is capable of working with your production software to pull the right panel when it is required. Again, this can be a relatively small system or very large. Bargstedt (part of the Homag Group) manufactures these types of storage and retrieval systems. The systems are capable of full sheet storage and retrieval, with off-fall storage locations and tracking as well (either manually or automatically). Again, pretty much any of this is possible, it really just depends upon the level of automation you would like and in turn what the budget guidelines are.