Portable LED Lights


From original questioner:

Best portable led light for shop and job site?
Looking for brightness and durability. Tired of the 500 watt hallagins and the cheapness of the construction.

From contributor Ji

I like you got tired of the fragile, extremely hot halogen fixtures.
I bought two at Lowes, Utilitech brand?, that work great.
Highly recommend. Zero problems from either, and cool, bright light.

From contributor ja

Like Jim I was pleasantly surprised by the Utilitech led 48" light. I put some in some rental house kitchens I own and went back to lowes and purchased all they had in stock. I hope we see more of this tech at 96" lengths and price.

From contributor Ji

I was actually referring to the portable work lights.
They take a lot of abuse, get throw in the truck, dropped, ect and just keep working.
No fragile bulb to break.

From contributor ja

The ones I bought were 48" shop lights, I put them in the kitchens as nothing else had as much light !! I got a goo 15 now from various stores and been switching them out in my three farm shops. we are still on the big halogens at the main shop

From contributor ra

A few weeks ago I purchased one of these for my home use. https://www.menards.com/main/p-2410079-c-7914.htm
I haven't used it much, been have been pretty satisfied. Hard to get as much light from and LED fixture as halogen. But like you, I'm tired of hot and broken bulbs. Not sure it's worth three times the money as the Utilitech.

Also purchased on of these for the install truck...didn't think I paid quite this much, so not sure it's the exact one. http://www.farmandfleet.com/products/860214-all-pro-led-worklight.html#.VOyewvnF98
Haven't asked the guys yet how well they like it. What I saw of it, it seemed OK, but not overbright. Just watch the lumens.

From contributor Te

I recently bought an led light from Home Depot. It's a husky led light. I have used it on a couple different jobs and it has been great. Folds up nice for transport but puts off a lot of light. I think it runs about $100. But it has been a great purchase for me.