Pouring Stain

Handy tips for dispensing paint and stain without drips or spills. June 17, 2009

I spray all my stains using a gravity fed gun. It seems every time I pour from a gallon can I have spills. It's not so much that I miss the cup (albeit, in my haste, I have managed to do that too), but when the pour is finished. Stain always runs on the side of the can, sometimes onto the cup side, drips to the floor, leaves a ring of stain on the countertop. It's not a real big deal, usually only takes a minute or two to clean, but when you know the game is about to start every minute counts. Iím just interested in knowing what everyone else uses to eliminate the spills.

Forum Responses
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From contributor K:
I use a disposable plastic cup and dip it in. That way you are less likely to get the rim gunked up.

From contributor G:
Are you using spray-only stain? You could get them to send it to you in an oblong gallon instead of a round paint can.

From contributor A:
I typically stir the gallon up real good then pour half of it into an empty gallon can. Now you have two brand new 1/2 gallons of stain and itís much easier to pour.

From contributor B:
I dip with a disposable Dixie cup. It takes longer than pouring, but less time than wiping up spills.

From contributor J:
Most paint stores have attachments to help. They are inexpensive and useful.

From contributor D:
I bought a set of stainless steel measuring cups from a kitchen supply store. Now I can dip out the amount I need from quart or gallon cans. I also have a quart size stainless steel canister - normally for storing sugar or flour that I fill halfway with thinner and/or acetone. It has a glass lid that seals with a gasket. When I use the measuring cup, I wipe off most of the excess with a paper towel and toss it into the canister to soak while I spray. Come back to it, swish it around a little, and dry off with a paper towel and you're ready for the next job.

For bigger jobs, I have a snap on plastic lid with a spout and a cap that I bought at a hardware store. Just snap it on your open gallon or quart can, open the spout and pour! No mess! Google image "paint pour lid" and you'll see a bunch of different styles that are available.