Power Requirements for a Three-Phase Sander

Advice on power adapting equipment to power a three-phase sander from a single-phase circuit. February 24, 2008

I would like to run a 37"/18hp/3phase sander on a 125 amp single phase panel using a three phase rotary converter. Could this work?

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From contributor G:
I believe you will need a little less than 60 amps out of your 125 amp circuit to run 18 hp on a converter. I run 25 hp on a 30 hp converter unit, which requires a 100 amp circuit. Call American Rotary - they have good service and will answer all your questions.

From contributor D:
I am running a 16 hp moulder on a 20 hp American Rotary phase converter. As contributor G said, American Rotary could answer you for sure. Great converters at great prices.

From contributor L:
I have a 100 amp single phase service. This is common in many lease warehouses. I run a 15 HP sander, but I use a three phase starter circuit to start the sander motor. After it starts, it runs fine. If I use a rotary phase converter motor (which I use also for smaller three phase motors) at the same time to start the 15 hp sander motor, that brings me close to the limit of amps. I also, of course, need to run the sawdust collector.