Power Voltage Destroying Jointer Motor?

Three-phase power supplies rated as 220 volts may actually supply on 208 volts, and cook motors wired for single-phase 230 volt power. October 2, 2010

I purchased a new 12 " joiner this past winter and we are now waiting for our third motor after we dealt with blown capacitors and motors. Our electrical is not the issue, it all checks out. Powermatic refuses to acknowledge they may have a problem with their import motors on this machine. Has anyone else experienced problems like this? Secondly, can anyone refer a good electrical forum for input on this type of issue?

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From contributor A:
The jointer is wired single phase 230v. That is fine as long as you have approximately 220v at the wall. Business parks typically have 3 phase service. They take the 220v off the three lines. This is fine however it makes 208v not 240v. American motors (Baldor, Leeson, Marathon) are wired 208v-230v. I cooked a Jet bandsaw motor that was marked 230V because of this reason.