Pressing Your Own Two-Ply Veneer

Advice on applying a strengthening backer to a thin or fragile sheet of veneer. January 29, 2009

Have any of you made your own 2 ply veneer to strengthen a fragile veneer? If so did you do it with a vacuum press and what veneer did you use for the underside? I am trying to strengthen some pomele sapeli and need some good advice.

Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
You can do this with a vacuum press. If you're going to see the edge of the veneer choose a backer with a similar color. Use a good flat caulk on top. You might want to tape down one of the pieces of veneer while you roll out the glue on it, but make sure that you take the tape off before pressing so that it can expand when it's pressed flat. Also, be forewarned that the two-ply is going to start curling up on you soon after pressing, so be prepared to keep it pressed flat and/or get it pressed onto the substrate soon after backing.

From contributor F:
To back a sapele veneer with wood, give luan a shot. The color is similar and cross band it for balance.

From contributor R:
I’ve done it with mahogany backer. Using Unibond or Formaldehyde will minimize curling after. PVA in this case is asking for trouble.