Proper Suction For Range Hood


From original questioner:

I have a customer that wants 16 inch deep upper cabinets over the cook top. They would be 26 inches from the cook top surface. I'll follow the recomendations concerning heat from the cook top specs (induction cook top). The question is when you go with a hood vent that has to be shallow to fit in the 16 inch uppers, will I have enough suction? Anyone have any experience with this? I normally build large wood hoods and fit a larger Vent-a-hood in them.

From contributor Bo

Try looking at Broan PM500SS. The LB30 liner works with this model.

From contributor Za

Really it all depends of the code for your area. Every kitchen exhaust fan in different jurisdictions needs to have a certain CFM level to pass code. It doesn't really have to do with the size of the opening of your exhaust grate but more with the fan speed and duct size.

From contributor D

The exhaust fan you use will have a set of minimum and maximum distances from the cooktop. True that the further away they lose effect .

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Hello Gentlemen,

What I really need to know is if you've installed a shallow hood (as in 10 inches deep) in an upper cabinet over a 36 inch cook top. I always go by the specs for distances etc. In this case I would be in the specs but normally I would have a 24 inch deep hood with a 19 plus inch Venta hood in it and the suction is more directly over the cook top or stove surface.

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(Per the NKBA)For the best ventilation you need a capture area in the hood. A place for the smoke/fumes to rise to inside a canopy and then be pulled out by the fan. This is the ideal, but a shallow vent such as you are suggesting is similar to a over the range microwave. it will be a compromise. I have had clients complain that the steam from say a boiling pot on a front burner just goes up the front of the microwave in the room. You will have the same problem. High CFM can overcome some of that but not the best solution. If they really want a shallow vent they will need to have reasonable expectations.