Pull-Out Bread-Board Ideas

Tricks for adding breadboard pullouts to face-frame cabinets, without losing drawer space. October 15, 2009

Does anyone have a great way to make a pullout bread board for faceframe cabinets, without losing the top drawer?

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From contributor L:
Cut a 1" deep notch in the top rail of your faceframe and install the cutting board there. At the most you will lose 1" off of the height of your drawer.

From the original questioner:
That's a great idea. What do you use for slides? Do you make your own, or buy them? What about the bradboard - make or buy? My customer wants a Corian one. Have you used one of these before?

From contributor L:
I purchase my guides from HDL. As far as a Corian cutting board, I have two that I purchased from a local restaurant supply company, but I am sure you should be able to get something from your local Corian supplier.

From contributor T:
I have had Corian guys tell me it is not a good idea to use Corian for a cutting board as it dulls the knives and it could also make you sick. I use good old fashioned maple with mineral oil finish.

From contributor P:
Or the side.

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From the original questioner:
Nice - I'll remember that one. On this job it's in the middle of a run. Good picture.