Quani?? Konnei??

Description: Konnei, a species from tropical Asia. March 2, 2000

I recently met a nice gentleman who owns a furniture factory in Indonesia and imports solid teak, mahogany and "quani" furniture. I had never seen this wood before. It is beautiful! Kind of like spalted rosewood.

Because of the language problem we were having, I'm not clear if that is the technical name or slang or if that is the name of the tree or the condition of the wood (spalted). All I could get was that it was a fruit tree that was diseased and fairly rare and expensive.

I wonder if it is KONNEI, which is Cassia fistula. It is a dark red species of wood. It is widely scattered tree, so it could be considered rare.
Gene Wengert, forum moderator

The dictionary defines "cassia" as any of various chiefly tropical trees, shrubs and plants, belonging to the genus of the same name. They include a tree, Cinnamomum cassia, having bark similar to cinnamon and utilized for spice, but of inferior quality, and native to tropical Asia. Perhaps this is the "fruit" your contact referred to?