Quartersawing Parallel to Pith

Saw parallel to pith when quartering logs for quartersawn boards. March 28, 2012

I'm making a full taper cut on the third face of an oak log, and decided to cut through the middle in order to get some quarter sawn flitches. Should I readjust the log so I'm cutting parallel to the pith when I'm cutting the quarter sawn flitches?

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Someone else says he cuts a tapered octagon. When you taper cut, won't that come out unparallel to pith?

From contributor A:
No. When you knock the bark off to qsaw on a band mill, you want to saw parallel to the bark with about a 2 or 3 inch opening cut. But when you saw out the boards, you want to saw parallel to the pith. Yes, your boards will be wedge shape, but that is fine.