Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Info on bed dimensions and a tip or two on joinery. March 28, 2012

I will be making an oak bed frame, my first, and need to know if there are standard dimensions for queen and California queen sized beds. Can anyone help?

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From contributor C:
Do a Google search for "queen mattress size" and you will get a lot of hits. As you look through them you should be able to figure out the standard sizes. They are the numbers that are consistent. Keep in mind that the thickness of mattresses can vary a lot also. Standard is usually up to about 12". Some pillow tops are even thicker. If you already have the mattress, you can measure it. If not, ask the future owner of the bed frame what it will be.

From contributor J:
A standard queen is 60x80, Iíve never seen a California queen. Always verify the size of the actual mattress being used. They can vary.

From the original questioner:
Any tips on what type of bed bolts/connecting hardwear to use? I want to keep it as simple as possible as this is my first bed frame.

From contributor J:

Pick up a copy of Jeff Miller's Bed book on Taunton Press. It covers all the options for bolts. I like a through bolted connection the best. You can hide it with a bed bolt cover if that fits your aesthetic, or you can do it blind embedding the nut inside the tenon of the head and footboard rail. Works slick, rock solid-and you are not relying on screws in end grain on the rails to hold brackets for the next hundred years or so.

From contributor L:
California queen started as a waterbed size. Standards there are all 84" long. If the frame comes up over the mattress, make sure to allow a bit of space for tucking in sheets. Mattresses are usually about an inch under the nominal sizes, and I allow an extra inch for tucking. My beds are 61 x 81 (85)" inside.