Radial Arm Saw Blades


From original questioner:

Just bought a used OMGA 14" RAS. Tried two different 14" blades, and both whistled so loud it was unbearable. Switched to a 12" blade and sound was much better. Anyone know if it ok to run a smaller blade size. Both the 14" and 12" OMGA saws have the same motor RPM.
Next question is, the arbor on this saw has a key that won't allow a regular saw blade to fit over it without modification. It was easy enough to do, but with all of the balancing that goes into these blades, does anyone think cutting a notch around the bore will affect performance? Thanks.

From contributor La

Not sure what the noise was. Often a noisy blade is a sign it has lost it's tension. We run 16" blades on our RA saw that are reasonably quiet. It won't hurt anything to run 12" blades. It won't hurt to notch them either. The metal from the notch is replaced by the key and on top of that, slight off balance near the center has little affect. Just my opinion, worth what you paid.

From contributor te

The noise is from the extra speed of the teeth. The notch will not affect balance because it and the key are close to the center of the circle.