Rafix Cam Locations


From original questioner:

We've started manufacturing closet systems for a local installer, it's a good way to keep the CNC running.

I've laid out the Rafix cam connectors per Hafele's instructions but we are having trouble getting the parts to flush out. Face edges and fixed shelves are up to 1/16" out of alignment with the verticals. Cams and 32mm system holes are laid out on the same line.

Anybody have experience with these?

From contributor Be

I believe that's 'slop' in the cam itself. We get that also. Typically a fixed shelf will be a little proud on one side (I think the right side) and setback a little on the other(left?). The 1/16" is also about what we're seeing.

From contributor Mi

I have never noticed this with our closets. I use Hafele cams, and always drilled the cam holes inline with the shelf pin holes. On the other hand, I always cut my horizontal shelves a 1/16" less than the verticals, so they are always slightly inset after installation anyway. Run that by your customer, they may like that option.
The connections do look bad when everything does not line up perfectly

From contributor Ph

We ran into the same issue and started cutting our shelves 1/16" shallow. When the cam tightens, it "pulls" the shelf forward. Terrible look.

From contributor Br

I took my cam locks out of the system holes. With CNC it doesn't make any difference anyway. I still cut as per the 32mm system but only drill the holes needed and place the cam locks so an offset is not an issue. My vertical parts are multiples of 32mm plus 5mm deep, deck depths are multiples of 32mm and set back 5mm from the vertical. System holes are set back 37mm and shelf cam locks are on 32mm increments, spacing depends on closet depth. My top shelf is flush on top and haven't had an issue with that being so. My bottom deck is not flush with the bottom, (center is up 16mm) Seems to work.

From contributor La

We set the shelves back the thickness of the banding. 2 or 3mm. Same with the distance down from the top.

From contributor Ev

I like the idea of setting back the fixed shelves from the verticals. The client doesn't like it, says there will be a gap if he puts a drawer below it, which is true, but a rubber bumper also leaves a gap.

Anyway, I think a good part of the problem is that my router is not cutting accurately (a story for another day). I'll get the machine fixed, and if he still wants to adjust each rafix with a mallet that's his prerogative.