Re-Padding a Vibrating Sander

Tip: leather works well as a replacement pad for an old-school pad sander. March 13, 2009

Any old timers like me still using Porter Cable 505 half sheet vibrator sanders? Someone mentioned a material to use to re-pad these sanders once and I can't remember what they used. I am looking to get a sanded surface with less swirl problem than you can get with tha factory foam or felt pads.

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From contributor R:
Is it something you can use a straight line sander on?

From the original questioner:
Yes, those sanders are pretty slick and I have used one before. But alas, it wasn't mine and at this time I have no budget for one but I do have three Porter Cable 505's in great condition. Just looking to re-pad them with something better than the factory provides.

From contributor W:
It may seem a bit bizarre but I use white Scotch Brite as a pad that is softer than the original. I use it on my palm sanders. It needs to be replaced a little more often but minimizes swirling due to hard edges. As an idea, check with a carpet dealer for a firm carpet pad (not the chopped foam stuff). A leftover could yield a lot of sander pads.

From contributor H:
I have a quarter sheet sander that has a piece of tool leather glued in place of the cheap foam. It works amazingly well! I used 777 spray adhesive. I wanted a sander that stays flat for sanding ends and edges without rounding over the corners. It works. I am waiting for all my sanders to wear down their pads so I can replace with leather.