Reducing Bandsaw Speed

Changing pulley size, using an inverter to slow the motor speed, or switching to a blade rated for higher speeds are all options. October 30, 2005

I bought a used Tannewitz GH bandsaw, it has a direct drive 1200 rpm motor and I was told it needs to be around 900 rpm's. The 1200 rpm's is for metal and produces around 11,000 fps on the band, while 900 rpm's produces around 8000 fps on the band. The motor is 240 3 ph. What can I use to slow the motor down?

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From Dave Rankin, forum technical advisor:
You can look into the option of using an invertor to control the speed of the motor. You can look at changing one of the pulleys to adjust the speed. Your machine may have a couple of different pulley sizes available to change the speed, if not this is the least expensive option.

From contributor R:
Something doesn't sound right. Metal would have an even lower speed rather than a higher speed. A Variable Frequency Drive unit ir VFD or inverter would be same thing. Contact your local motor repair company or an electrician who specializes in industrial electrical work. I've used VFD's and they are what you want.

From Dave Rankin, forum technical advisor:
I have retrofitted many machines with direct drive to a pulley system in order to change the rpm. It may be more cost effective to go with an invertor or look at different blades to compensate for the RPM's.