Refacing Melamine Cabinets

Tips on refacing melamine. November 30, 2009

Does anyone know if melamine cabinets can be re-faced? I've been asked to quote a job which includes new r.p. doors but they want the boxes re-faced. Does anyone have experience with this?

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From contributor J:
Are they frameless, or face frame? Are just the end panels melamine? Right about now I would do one.

From contributor V:
No problem, I just did one. Let me know if you need any instruction.

From contributor K:
Absolutely, but first make sure they are sound. I can't tell you how many times I've come across melamine cabs literally with the backs coming off. You can laminate directly to the melamine after it has been washed and then use denatured alcohol for final wipe-down, but to avoid delamination problems you are better off skiing the exterior surface with 1/4" ply. It will give a more permanent bond, and you can do it in a half-a-day if you've pre-ripped the pieces. Just remember to cross laminate them (put them on the opposite way you would install the finished veneers). Doing it this way, you can feel comfortable giving them a ten year warranty.

From contributor G:
Re-facing melamine is real easy. Wash to remove all dirt grime and grease. I use ammonia to do this then rinse with clean water. Then I sand with orbital sander with 60 grit to create a bite for the glue.