Removing Overspray from Eyeglasses

It's all clear to me now ... January 21, 2010

I started using Mohawk's waterborne pre-cat lacquer a few months back and I now have plastic lens eyeglasses covered with tiny specks of overspray. It was minute at first, so I didn't really notice it until it cured up nicely. I have tried soap and water, alcohol, lacquer thinner and acetone to try to get the lenses clean; but none of them seem to work. Any suggestions?

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From contributor P:
I get the same problem and just go back to the optical supply place where I get my glasses, they pop them in the ultrasonic cleaner for about 10 minutes.

From contributor A:
This says a lot about this finish. Spray it on glass and acetone won't touch it. I think I'll try it.

From contributor U:
This says a lot about your glasses! Thinner didn't melt into your plastic lenses? It didn't soften the surface and smear with the rag? Your local auto store should sell a headlight resurfacing kit, this basically removes the buildup and milky look that happens to cars with plastic headlight lenses. It will take care of your specs.

From the original questioner:
Thanks for all the responses. I ended up getting a new pair of glasses since my old ones are pretty screwed up. The first thing the optometrist said was "just make sure you don't get something like acetone on your polycarbonate glasses because that will totally destroy them". Unfortunately that was what the folks from Mohawk recommended. The lab that I bought my new glasses from recommends that I should get actual glass lenses for spraying since they are not affected by any spray. I just might do that and get a cheap pair that is reserved for the shop.