Removing PL Construction Adhesive From Prefinished Floor


From original questioner:

Am I doomed? I swear I can't work with the stuff without ending up with black hands by the end of the day. Please tell me there is a fix other than tearing out the floor. The wood is Prefinished cheapo home depot dark Bamboo. Thanks

From contributor ki

"Goo Gone" orange cleaner. Inexpensive, excellent spay gel cleaner. Get it at Walmart. It works!

From contributor ch

Goo gone...I'll have a go. Also read that WD-40 works and those white pads (magic pads I think they are called)
Thanks for posting.

From contributor Le

The UV cured finishes are usually pretty tough. Just about any solvent should be able to be used on it. Always do a test spot before you start scrubbing in the middle of the floor.

From contributor ch

Leo, also very uplifting input. Thanks

From contributor St

Just did it someone glued cleating down for an Island. 5 years later the new home owner wanted the island moved goof off worked great!!!! no big deal at all

From contributor ed

Crisco shortening will work. I had some glue on a customers floor. Thinking what would be best remover to use.
The customer says here try Crisco. She said it removes all kinds of stuff her kids leave behind.

From contributor jo

Denatured alcohol is what they use to clean off glue when they glue down prefinished floors.

From contributor Ch

Thanks all.
I'll tell the GC. Job is far away so hopefully he'll do it for me...I scratch his back too

From contributor Da

Don't ask how (it really doesn't matter) but got PL all over one board in the middle of our living room! Panicked. Wiped. Wiped. Scraped. Almost cried.

Then I got this!!! (Try it on a spare floor board if you have one)

Called GOOF OFF. I'm in Canada so not sure where else it's available. But it's a miracle.

Apply a little bit to a paper towel and wipe and watch the PL sticky residue come right off. Once clean immediately wipe with damp cloth to wipe away any remaining solvent. Then wipe with dry paper towel

Viola! It should be good as new and smooth again with no damage to finish. As I said, I tried on a spare board first to be sure.

Cheers from Canada!