Removing Sanding Dust

Finishers describe how they remove dust when sanding between varnish coats. October 28, 2005

What is the best method for removing the sanding dust between coats of SW CV - tack cloths, rubbing with Naphtha, or just blowing it off?

Forum Responses
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From contributor A:
Blowing it off has always worked for me. We have our pressure at a pretty consistent 120 psi, and it works well.

From contributor B:
My routine is: vacuum first, air second, tack cloth last. If that fails, consider the air hose of a turbine HVLP sprayer to provide the last blast of hot air.

From contributor C:
I use Endust on a clean rag. It's amazing the dust it picks up, even after blowing it off. You have to use it sparingly, just misting the rag. It also takes the static out of it. Try it - you won't believe the dust that's left behind.

From contributor D:
Have you had any problems with Endust and fisheye? I would check the ingredients in any spray furniture polish pretty carefully.

From contributor C:
No, never. As long as you don't get the surface wet with it there's not a problem. I also use Endust for all my auto painting and I've never had a problem. Remember, Endust is wax free, and not to be confused with Pledge, a wax.

From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor:
I use a cotton cloth and compressed air to remove the dust. Just before spraying, I use compressed air and my bare hand to remove the dust you can't see but your hand can feel, especially on the horizontals.

From contributor E:
I use a damp rag, but no compressor air on tabletops, just in case.