Removing Saw-Table Rust

More tips on rust removal for tool beds. September 8, 2007

What is the best way to remove light rust from a table top on a slider and the bar for the rip fence? I have been told that Naval Jelly works great, but have no idea what this is.

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From contributor L:
If you don't mind the scratches, just use an orbital sander with some higher grit sandpaper. Then increase the grit and finally finish it off with a maroon scotchbrite. If you have a hook and loop sander, just stick the scotchbright on the pad and continue like you were sanding. Apply a good coat of wax to prevent further rusting. Naval Jelly is a product that you apply to the rust, wait a while, and then wipe it off, usually dissolving the rust on the first try.

From contributor C:
If you're interested in a product that is very earth friendly, easy to handle, and not caustic, but still does an excellent job of rust removal, you could try either Empire's Top Saver or Evap-O-Rust. I have personally used both products and the Top Saver requires a little more elbow grease. The Evap-O-Rust quickly removes the rust and the metal stays relatively rust free for quite a long time. It does leave the metal with a blackened look.

From contributor U:
We sprayed ours with penetrating oil and let it sit, and then sanded it with 180. Cleaned it with acetone. Used Topcoat from Bostik and buffed it out with maroon Scotchbrite pads. Looks and operates well.

From contributor J:
Basically same program: WD-40, let it sit a few minutes, then work it clean with Scotchbrite, wipe it clean with paper towels, acetone or lacquer thinner. Then TopCote (it is a great product, but not the cheapest).

From the original questioner:
Thanks. I tried the WD-40 route with some 400grit paper and it worked just fine.