Removing an Edgebander Glue Pot

Quick advice on getting the glue pot off an old SCMI edgebander for cleaning and repair. October 12, 2012

I recently acquired a SCMI Basic 2 that needs a new glue pot. I have to remove the old one and ship it to North Carolina to have it rebuilt. Has anyone ever taken out this unit, and if so any suggestions on how to get started?

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From contributor L:
It should be obvious what needs to be taken apart. To remove most of the adhesive, warm the pot, push a stick into it, turn off until it is cold, turn back on for a short time to melt the adhesive around the edges, and lift it out like a brick on a stick. You may need to remove the tower part first. It needs to be reasonably hot to be able to get it off. A few screws hold them on use leather insulated gloves.

Do this only with the machine off and when handling the heaters be careful with the wires where they enter the cartridges as they get brittle and are easy to break. If they are stuck they usually have access holes from the bottom/side that you can use to tap them out. The spindle that drives to pot will have a coupling that may just lift off or require a set screw to loosen. The parts manual will help you identify what holds things together if you can't tell by looking. SCMI has most manuals available on line.