Replacing a Planer Cable with an Auto Speedometer Cable

It turns out that the cable driving a readout on an old planer is replaceable with an automobile part. March 13, 2014

Does anybody know who is representing parts for SAC planers?

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From contributor C:
I learned recently that SAC machinery parts are no longer available. The cable that drives the read-out display has frayed and snapped. The cable is about 84 inches long and is squared off at both ends. The square part sleeves into the read out at top of machine and is similarly hooked up to the motor that raises and lowers the planer bed. The black hose part is about 3/8 inch diameter. I am not sure if the whole assembly gets replaced or if you just change out the cable inside the black hose. Does anybody know what this kind of cable is called or where to get one?

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From contributor X:
Did you check AMC machinery? They use to advertise SAC parts in the classifieds section here at WOODWEB.

From contributor F:
I am going to make a suggestion that may sound crazy, but what do you have to lose? The cable you are looking at looks very much like an old mechanical speedometer cable. Whatever the vintage and nationality this planer is, letís just say 1983 Italian, find an old Fiat or such and pull the old speedo cable and casing. The length will not be as critical as fittings on the ends of the cable.

From the original questioner:
I ordered a Universal Speedometer Cable Kit. These show up with one end already square and the other one a cut-to-size with crimp on fitting. The whole solution cost $21.95 including freight.