Replacing an Old Frequency Generator Converter with a Solid State Inverter

Advice on replacing a failed component in an older edgebander with more modern and advanced equipment. January 1, 2012

I have a 1993 SCMI basic 2 bander. The frequency motor went up in smoke today. Can you replace it with the newest technology solid state converter? Has anyone done this?

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From contributor Y:
Did you burn up your spindle or your inverter? Both can be easily replaced.

From contributor L:
If you are speaking of a frequency generator/converter, and not an actual spindle motor, then yes, you can replace this unit with a solid state inverter. You need to make sure that it is properly sized. Another consideration is that the inverter units need to be enclosed. There may be room in the machines electrical enclosure. These create excess heat and must be mounted correctly to prevent premature failure.

Also, there is a greater chance of creating electrical noise with an inverter. When installing the inverter you should seriously consider a line filter on the incoming power and a line reactor on the output. These add a lot of benefits and are worth the add cost. Also, you will want to confirm that the motor wires are shielded to prevent noise leakage.