Replacing the Monitor on a CNC Router

Used monitors are easy to find these days, and the changeout is not difficult. May 14, 2006

I need to replace the monitor on a Biesse Rover 346 (1997). Does anyone know where I can buy small monitors or flat panel monitors for CNC machines - 9"-11" wide by 8" high screen size?

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From contributor A:
I am not sure about your machine, but I have a Rover 23 which uses a standard VGA PC monitor. Harbinger Cabinet lists a 7" which may suit your needs.

From contributor B:
I am in the process of commissioning a Rover 346. I've discarded the existing monitor and cradle and replaced this with a 15" ACER LCD monitor. I cut the plastic face panel to accommodate the rear of the monitor and mount the monitor in the hole using adhesive silicone. The result is a monitor with better resolution that also looks better than the original.

From contributor C:
My only concern with this is that the monitor has little or no protection from flying debris, falling objects, operators, etc. I still suggest replacing the existing monitor with one that will bolt inside the cabinet.

From the original questioner:
I actually found a local used electronics store and bought a monitor for a few bucks. I guess now that flat panel monitors have taken over, there seems to be a flood of good regular monitors for our application. I had to remove the existing Biesse screen and make a plexiglass window. It's working fine and the operator likes it better than the original.