Restaurant Booth Specifications

Basic information on appropriate dimensions for restaurant booth seating and tables. November 10, 2006

I have to make some restaurant booths. Does anybody have specs on different types?

Forum Responses
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From contributor T:
36" w. top.
32" between seats.
16" d. seat.
26" (min. back height)
6" (approx. back cushion)
*if no partition between booths*

From contributor A:
We do a number of booths and my customers seem to like a seat height of 18-20 inches, a seat depth (from front of seat to where the back goes up, not the back of the cushion) of 18 inches or so.

My customers order the tables for the local restaurant supply house. Distance between booths are variable. For example, a pizza joint needs a wider table than most other restaurants because of the size of the pizza pan that gets put on the table. Make sure you understand all parameters that you are dealing with. One word of warning: get everything signed and if any changes are made, redraw and give measurements and have the changes signed.

From contributor P:
No matter what size booths you build, don't make the seats and backs 90 degrees to each other. Very uncomfortable. Front edge of restaurant booths should be 18" to 20", as said above. The seat should slope back at about 3 degrees. Then the back is set at 95 degrees off the seat. Or have a 5 degree recline off the seat, whichever way you want to interpret it.