Reversable Raised Panel Router Bits


From original questioner:

It's been YEARS since I've seen or used them, but I'm looking for a raised panel {stile and rail} bit set that you are able to take the bearing off the top, take the cutter off, flip it over and re attach the bearing on top, so there is NO moving the cutter up and down to ensure they both line up properly and flush.

Does anyone have a link they can provide me to a router bit set like this?


From contributor Mi

Whiteside makes the best router bits in my opinion, I buy mine from woodcraft.

I'm assuming you don't make many doors since you're interested in a reversible bit. If you are going to make them from time to time it's well worth buying an extra router and get a matched set of bits and leave them set up and dedicated to just that.

From contributor Mi

You would be correct. Actually, i havent made a raised panel door in YEARS. Litterly. I never foubd it cost effective to make my own, so I've always outsourced.

So is what i want called reversable raised panel router bits?

From contributor Ji

Yes, that's what they're called.
Here's some from Grizzly

From contributor St

The problem is with your procedure, not the bits. The key to making sure the two matched bits are at the same height from starting reference point. Set the first bit in the removed collet on a flat surface so that the bottom of the bit is perfectly flush with the collet bottom, before installing it. Raise or lower it to make the first cut and when switching to the matching bit remove the first bit WITH the collet intact. Do not pull the bit out of the collet. Insert the matched 2nd bit in the lose collet and bottom out the same way and reinstall the collet and bit together. Do not raise or lower it and your cut will match. Don't touch the bearings or remove them.

From contributor Ji

A reversable rail & style bit is just
one bit. You have to disassemble it
to reverse the location of the cutters.

From contributor Ch

You are going to be a lot happier in the end to use a 2 pc set instead of the reversible. We don't sell the reversible because they are a pain in the butt, FYI. Ideal set up is two bits, two routers, and two router tables. Set them up and leave them.