Right-Sizing Pocket Doors for an Entertainment Center

When ordering pocket doors from an outside shop, making a mockup out of scrap before ordering the real thing can eliminate the uncertainty. December 27, 2008

Im finishing up an entertainment center, but I need some easy advice on pocket doors in regards to size. I use a local manufacturer anytime I need a door custom made. Normally, I take my measurements to them and match up which style I need. Within the week I have my door(s) and the customer is happy soon thereafter.

What size of doors do I need to order? The opening is precisely 52 1/8 wide by 41 1/2 tall. So normally I would divide by two, but by installing pocket door glides do I need to adjust my order? Secondly, here is the kicker. The true depth in the opening is only twenty inches. So obviously, the doors will protrude from the opening space while open. But, I do have some salvation. The style/face that the hinges/glides will attach to are inset from the two side cabinets by four inches. So, some of length that the doors will gain while open will actually be in-line with the two side cabinets.

Lastly, again this is my first pocket door experience and it seems that the Accuride systems are easier to use. Is that true? The door style is referred locally as "kci" and is basically a red oak lightweight economy door so I'm expecting a door around fifteen pounds. The customer has been a long time repeat and is aware that the door will gain some while open. Thank you for any advice.

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From contributor A:
Looks like a four panel door project to me. Actually two split doors with a couple of Hettich column hinges or Soss hinges or twin pin hinges. One approach is to fold the doors completely. The other is to fold the door exactly 90 and use the folded portion of the door to hide the slides and hinges, etc.

From contributor L:
The best thing you can do is cut two pieces of scrap sheet goods and mount them and the mechanisms. Trust me been there done it. Make all cut adjustments and check for movement. Place all needed rollers and stops, use the dimensions off the scrap and order the doors.

From contributor P:

I agree with the two previous responses. Bifolding pocket doors, and do a mock up from scrap materials. Make the final assembly in the shop and get everything tweaked up before installing.

From contributor S:
I would make two doors, 25 7/8 x 41 1/8, and use Accuride's 1432. The one downside is the doors will protrude about ten inches from the face because if you use a 20" slide, it actually only slides back about 15". But I would also use a TV swivel that pulls out.