Right Dust Collector For Edgebanding ?


From original questioner:

Just bought a new to me edgebander and am buying a inexpensive Grizzly dust collector to be right at edgebander , for it specifically . I am a little limited on space and they have a 2hp at 1550 cfm one bagger or a 3 hp 2300 cfm two bagger and was wondering if the smaller one would have more than enough suction to pick up the plastic shavings ? Like I said it will sit right beside bander and go directly into with no elbos etc. thanks !

From contributor Br

What are the CFM specs on the Machine?

How many ports does it have and what size are they?

From contributor ca

yes take the y pants off, buy a 6" belmouth/starter collar and go right to the bander. Should be plenty.

From contributor Ha

I use a two hp two bag grizzly for my slider and Bander at the same time. Dedicated to Bander only will work great. I plugged my collector into a remote starter and got two remotes to operate it set at same frequency. They are attached with Velcro to each machine so we can start it from either. Harold.