Ripping Chain


From original questioner:

I have run out of ripping chain for my Lucas mill, and have been told that Oregon no longer makes it, and Woodland Pro is backordered 2 months. Anybody got an idea for me to make up a skip tooth ripping chain in the mean time?

From contributor ES

Get some skip tooth then file the leading edge to 90 degrees, or 0 degrees, depending on how you measure it.

From contributor Da

You can rip with a standard semi-chisel chain, just not as fast or smooth. Every time you sharpen it, increase the angle a bit, until you get it to about 10 degrees.

From contributor Ma

I bought Oregon ripping chain for the Lucas slabber about a month ago from Bailey's
1-800-322-4539. They did not say anything about Oregon chain not making ripping chain any more.
If Bailey's cannot help, try West Coast Supplies 1-888-995-7307. Left Coast is the new distributor for Lucas.

Although you can use standard or skip tooth chain as suggested, it will dull quickly as there are too many teeth which leads to heating problems. There is just no room for the saw dust to be cleared so the chain heats and dulls quickly. I would keep looking for ripping chain, even though it is expensive and getting a little hard to find...

From contributor Ma

Below is the link to the Oregon chain website which lists their .404 ripping chain, which should be the correct chain for the Lucas Slabber.

From contributor Ke

Thanks for your responses. I placed my order for ripping chain with Bailey's about a month ago. Did not hear my order was backordered for 2 weeks. Call center operators no longer seem very knowledgeable about what is or is not available. Pleased to hear that Left Coast will be the dealer for Lucas.

From contributor St

If you're ripping logs less than about 35" you don't need the extreme double skip chain, just a skip tooth. It's in the Lucas book. I don't think Baileys ever sold it.

From contributor Ma

I agree that ripping smaller diameter logs does not require the reduced teeth found on ripping chain. There is enough chain outside of the cut of these smaller logs to properly clear the sawdust, thus avoiding overheating and premature dulling of the teeth.
We use the Lucas slabber for two purposes, first to break down large diameter logs for subsequent resawing on a band mill or second to make 12/4" slabs from large diameter trunks or crotches. The slabber works very well in both cases, but I would not use it to make boards from smaller logs. There is just too much wood lost to the kerf of the slabber's 0.404 chain (3/8") to justify using it on smaller diameter logs.
In my opinion, ripping chain is needed when using the slabber on larger logs unless you want to spend a lot of time changing and sharpening chains...

From contributor St

As of yesterday Baileys had 13 100' rolls of the chain.

From contributor Bu

I too am looking for full comp ripping chain which is what is out of stock. (I want to cut my own profile.) Starting with crosscut chain and sharpening to a ripping profile is a waste of chain besides the fact that it cuts so rough to begin with. I think they have the RX chain which has cutters every 11-12". It does pretty good but wears out quickly and needs a great deal of skilled sharpening for each cut. I am told Stihl no longer makes ripping chain and that Blount (Oregon & Carlton) is currently out of production. Does anyone know about the "Chinese" sources or any other way of getting unsharpen .404 63g chain?