Ripping Chains for a Chainsaw Mill

Are they worth it? February 14, 2006

My saw cuts well enough with standard full skip chain on logs 28-36''. I have a friend who allows me to use his planer on a regular basis, so the rough cut look is not a problem. Would you still suggest a ripping chain?

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From contributor A:
I have cut 1000+ board feet a hardwood lumber this summer with an Alaskan Mark III chain saw mill. Sounds like you want to cut spruce? Are you using a skip chain? I have also gone through 100'+ of chain.

Ripping chains:
I have tried the granberg style, the Oregon rd style.

I have tried chisel points, rounded, Stihlís, and a couple of different styles of Oregon. After many hours of cutting I have come to a conclusion. Donít waste your money on a ripping chain. Use Oregon dp type. It lasts the longest and it gives you a decent cut.

Ripping chains are nice smooth ride through your cut and it does make ripping much more pleasurable, but in the final analysis they are just too expensive for what you get.

From contributor B:

I use full chisel chain and have tried standard, half skip and full skip. To get a smooth cut I have found that the most critical thing is to re-grind the cutters to within about 10 deg of perpendicular. With a standard chain I get a smoother surface than off my bandmill. The semi skip and full skip give a slightly rougher surface but cut down on sharpening time.

From contributor C:
Unless you have money to waste keep using full skip chain. Ripping chain works well but it is not worth the price.