Routing a Curved Edge on Thick Butcher Block

To profile 2.5-inch-thick butcher block, you need to use a template and cut from both sides. September 27, 2008

I need to cut a curved edge to customers design on a 2 1/2" butcher block. Any suggestions on how to go about this would be appreciated.

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From contributor M:
Rough cut it first, make a 3/4" plywood template and use a flush bit and bearing in a router or a rub collar on a shaper. Make small passes till you get to your template, then you can turn the butcher block over and use it as the template.

From the original questioner:
That's what I had in mind but I don't have a shaper and I don't think I've seen a 2 1/2" router flush bit although I haven't looked everywhere.

From contributor M:
You don't need a 21/2" bit. Get one with the bearing on the collet side. Rout as deep as you can. Then you can use a flush bit to trim from the other side. You should be able to get one at least 11/2" that will get you 3". I don't know if I am explaining well enough.

From contributor V:

Contributor M is right - I have done it this way hundreds of times. The bit he is referring to is a pattern makers bit. Or, like he said, just use a rub collar.