Rubbing Out Overspray

Abrasive material choices for polishing a rough finish. April 30, 2006

We shot units with an air assisted airless gun. We used ML Campbell Magnalac for finish. Assuming I shot 4 mil, how can I remove the overspray and get a silky smooth finish like the rest of the units. How should I finish entire unit polish, wax?

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From contributor A :
I like to use the gray abrasive pads for satiny sheens and follow with the white pads for a higher polish. I use one of the little plastic handles to hold the pads and sometimes double them up to get thicker pads. I can get the white pads in thicker sizes from Lowe's where they carry them for floor polishing. Anyone know where I could get the gray pads in thicker sizes too? I have also used polishing compounds but the wet route is so much slower that it is only really good in critical applications on small areas, such as touch ups.

From contributor B:
Try a 3M product called Trizac. It is very costly but works great. Buy one or two to try out, don t let the price scare you. These disks will last a long time, and you will lose it before you wear it out.

From contributor C:
Believe it or not, rubbing overspray with a piece of brown paper bag works.

From contributor D:
Merker has Abranet, Abralon system which should work well. Typically overspray is a non-issue with A.A.

From contributor E:
Triple 0 steel wool is what i use.