SCMI Syntex 4 Sided Planer


From original questioner:

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to buy a smaller 4 sided planer and have my eye on an SCMI Syntex.

Does anyone have any feedback on this machine?
Also, does it have actual straightening capabilities?
I will primarily use it for face frames and cabinet door parts.
Thanks for your help.


From contributor Bi

I do Inset Face Frame cabinets. Make my own doors and drawers. I bought my Sintex many years ago. You do have to have a fairly straight edge to put against the fence. It is not a straight line rip saw. Every piece of solid wood in my shop goes thru that machine. I would get out of the business if I did not have that machine. Any other questions let me know.


From contributor Gr

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your response.
Yeah, I guess it would make sense to have a straight-line rip saw but I figured I could get by by making the first rip on a table saw and join the first edge if it's not straight enough......until I do get the straight-line rip saw.
I figured this would still be a huge improvement to my current methods.
Has your Syntex been pretty reliable?
What kind of cutters are you using for it?

I found a used one online for about $12k
but it's in Pennsylvania, and I'm in California.....
I would like to see it operate before I pull the trigger on it. Otherwise I'd be looking at a new one for about $27k with delivery etc.
Thanks for your input.