Salice Titanium Hinges


From original questioner:

I have been a Blum user for a number of years but just bought a box of the Salice titanium hinges as I like the appearance. I discovered yesterday when installing the hinges on the doors I was seeing dark smudge marks like grease on the white painted doors . I looked at my hands and discovered I had dirty hands and washed them. Several doors later I was again started seeing the smudge marks and realized the hinges have an oily film on them that was being transferred to my fingers as I put the hinges in the Mini Press. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

From contributor Ki

No snark intended, but every hinge I've ever touched has been nasty greasy. Some brands more than others.

From contributor Br

All I have ever used in the last 10 yrs has been Blum and have never this with them. I agree they have grease on moving parts but I am getting this from the sides on the hinges away from the grease area.
I suspect it is from the process that they use to change the color of the metal.
Ps no offence taken

From contributor De

Hi Brian,

The titanium plating process would have no affect on the amount of (grease) on the hinge. Titanium is applied as a plating process much the same as the bright nickel finish is applied.

I would agree however that a small amount of lubricant could exist on the surface of the hinge. This can vary from batch to batch, is unavoidable and generally has been of little concern.

The actual lubricant used on the spring and other moving parts gives the hinge it's longevity (Lifetime Warranty) and is applied in minute amounts. The lubricant used is in fact vegetable in origin and is therefore non toxic and completely biodegradable.

We appreciate your comments regarding the lubricant leaving a residue on the white doors and will certainly take this into consideration at product development meetings with the R&D guys.

Please let us know if you would like a visit from the Salice territory manager in your area or if we can be of any additional service.


Dennis Bean
Regional Sales Manager, Midwest (U.S.)

From contributor Br

Dennis... Thanks for taking time to respond. I will contact my local rep who is the reason I switched from Blum.