Sanding & Finishing Slingshots


From original questioner:

Hi all,

I'm looking at producing some slingshots, similar in materials and quality to the one pictured in the link below.

I've got all of the manufacturing process down pat except for the sanding and finishing process.

The parts come out fresh off the CNC router with contouring scollops that are about 0.008" in height.

How would you personally go about sanding and finishing these in a lean cell type shop? (Small machines, single operator)


From contributor Ad

Think about the necks of guitars. They use all kinds of different sanding machines. Some are small belt sanders that use 1" wide belts. Others might have an inflatable bladder that you can put 3" diameter x 10" abrasive drums on.

I would encourage flexible belts and soft drums for your slingshots.

The hole in the end looks like a good place to hang them from when you dip them or spray them. I've never dipped anything, I'm sure someone will chime in on dipping.

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I would think some sort of slack-of-belt sanding machine would work. Followed by a random orbit with a soft back up pad to remove the sanding marks.

Our 3x4 sander with a yellow interface pad might do the trick. I would grind a bull nose into the pad and use the radius to work the surface. Probably just as fast as the slack belt sander now that I think of it.

Any rough close up pictures?

From contributor Ja

Depending on how smooth you get them off your machine you could use a flap wheel or even the bigger sanding stars. I use the surf prep foam pads on an air orbital sander.

Just for kicks what do you sell those for?

From contributor Lu

Hi Jason, we're just now tooling up to make these. No idea what the market will bear. Hopefully it will be a worthy side project. Plus, they are fun as heck to shoot!