Sandwich-Style Interior Door Assembly Tricks

it works. June 28, 2007

Along with cabinets we sometimes make interior doors. We make them like a cabinet door and laminate back to back. Have had no problems except too much labor. I roll wood glue on back side and clamp by setting a unit of MDF on top. You are probably laughing by now, but I know no other way. I have thought of possibly using some kind of contact cement and using the wide belt sander as a press. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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From contributor L:
They may be laughing but I'm not. I just did the same thing for an exterior main door just last Friday. I have a 2' wide table that I lay the doors on. I use Titebond II with a 3" glue roller to apply the glue. Then I lay the other door on top and use quick grip style clamps all around. The toughest thing is to get the position of the door to be accurate, as the doors slide around at first when you start to squeeze them together. It is very important for you to put a straight edge on the surface to make sure you are getting a straight door. Once the glue is dry and it's not straight, you just made yourself a pretty paperweight. Okay now, stop all that giggling.

From contributor J:
I did that too. And I'm still laughing at the ones that bought a cold press for... sometime? use.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. That relieves a little stress knowing someone else does the same thing. To keep them from sliding around, I pin the corners with pin gun. I make the doors 1/2" oversize and square them up on the sliding saw.

From contributor D:
Do you have problems with expansion in the panels?

From the original questioner:
No, I haven't had any problems at all. I use space balls just like cabinet doors.