Saving CAD Drawings in Jpeg Format

Here's a handful of tricks for making AutoCAD output a jpeg image file. March 21, 2006

Is it possible to convert an AutoCAD file to a jpeg file?

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From contributor D:
You can use FILE>EXPORT and export it as a bmp file. That might be the easiest. The other thing you can do is use the "Publish to Web" option under FILE. Follow the wizard and it will create a jpg file somewhere on your hard drive.

From contributor T:
You can use the free .pdf ghostwriter or other PDF converters and then open the PDF file with Adobe, where you can then save as a .jpeg as well as a few other formats. Converting a CAD drawing to the .bmp format can give you some bad results as well as being very large (file size). PDF is much better and even with the most basic Adobe version for the .jpeg conversion, it will give a much better result. Take note that the PDF format when printed does not recognize line weights with a zero value, so make your thinnest lines at least 1/64".

From contributor S:
If you are using AutoCAD 2002 or later, you can set up a plotter (in your Control Panel) and then select that printer to create a .jpg file. To do so, go Start - - > Settings - - > Control Panel - - > and double click Autodesk Plotter Manager. Choose the “Add-A-Plotter Wizard” and choose Next, My Computer, and under the Raster File Formats you will find “Independent JPEG Group.” Once set up, when you choose File - - > Print, you with see the JPEG plotter as an option. If you choose the Properties of this Plotter in the Control Panel, you’ll see you have some control over the background color, etc.

From contributor M:
In the command line, type: JPEGOUT, hit enter.

From contributor T:
JPEGOUT does not work in 2002. Align the object in your view. Push Alt+Print screen keys. This copies a bitmap image to your clipboard. Go into almost any photo editing software and paste the image from the clipboard to a new image. Save it as jpg or any other image file you prefer.