Saw Blades for Hardwood

Tips on choosing a saw blade that's appropriate for the machine and purpose. January 3, 2014

I just bought a used double miter saw. What are the recommended 12" blades for cutting solid hardwood 2-3" wide x 3/4" to 1" thick? They have to produce a clean, smooth cut (for miter door frames).

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From contributor J:
In general, get high tooth count and thick plate. I don't know where CTD gets their blades, but they work well. I have also had good results from Forrest Chopmaster.

From contributor D:
When I bought my CTD years ago, the dealer insisted I buy two Leitz blades for the best cut. They fuzzed and tore out, and shuddered when they entered the wood, so I called CTD. They sent two of their blades that cut perfectly. I sent back the Leitz (a very good tool manufacturer in all respects) and the CTD have worked very well, at about half the price.

From contributor E:
If you are making picture frames or mitered doors, the main blade used in the picture framing industry is made by Ultra Mitre. You can't go wrong. They have a 2 for 1 special from time to time.

From contributor T:
Just purchased Leuco 80305449 12'' miter blade for my alpha double miter. They work great. Blades seem to work differently depending on the machine they are being used on. I have two double miter saws. One is a horizontal, the other a vertical cut. You can't use the same blade for each. The horizontal machine has a consistent saw cut throughout the cut, which makes the best miter. The vertical saw cuts from the top to the back. Using a stiffer blade works better on these saws. Alternate top bevel with a rake preferred. Roice makes a good blade for this.