Sawing Big Log Butts

Logs are denser at the butt end. Here are tips on avoiding problems. October 12, 2007

Why, when cutting a big log, does it hump in the end? Is it because the end is starting to dry? What can I do to prevent this? I have a WM Lt 40 super and it's lined up.

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From contributor J:
You could be partly right about the drying, but what I've heard is butt (or stump) ends are different densities (think harder). Try sawing top down and slow down your feed rate in the last 3-4 feet maybe. When starting a saw-line I sometimes deflect in the first 3-4 inches. Slowing by just holding the headrig back can help for this as well. Total sharpness is essential.

From contributor A:
Contributor J is correct. Slow the carriage down and make sure the blade is sharp. For large logs the set in the blade needs to be about 26 thousands each side. This will help minimize the wavy cut.

From contributor B:
It will also help if the log is loaded small end toward you... Sometimes cutting into the butt end, especially on large flair butted logs, the blade has a tendency to rise.

From contributor T:
You could have a couple of fixes. Saw your logs while green. If they are a couple of months old or more, depending on species, you could have, as you say, dry ends that make the mill work harder, making the blade deflect. If the butt end is much larger, the mill will have to work harder to cut this wider butt. Again, the blade will deflect, as something must give if the work is more for the mill. Sometimes I buck logs longer than I need, knowing that by the time I saw, the ends will be dryer, and will create a problem. I cut off the ends when I am ready to saw, using the ends for firewood. I know, it is a waste, but I burn wood and I mostly saw for myself. Be sure to use Anchorseal immediately after bucking the trees into logs. I mean within 1-2 hours. This will help with your problem, but will not solve it if the butt is much wider than the rest of the log. Just slow down when you get to the butt.