Screen Brightness on a Rover 321 Screen

Those displays are adjustable, you know. April 21, 2011

Has anyone here replaced the screen on a Rover 321? Mine is getting harder to read. When drawing it seems to be missing the vertical lines. Is there an adjustment for the screen (like on old TVs)? Is there something more modern that can replace it?

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From contributor M:
Yes to both questions. I am assuming you have an RT480 control. If you pull the control out from the front, remove the top cover, and look straight down, you will see 4 or 6 small potentiometers. On the board you will see small writing for vert, horz, and others. Be very careful and choose wisely. I have played with many of these RT480's and sometimes turning one potentiometer makes matters worse along with not being able to get it back to where you started. Replacing your monitor with another is possible. I haven't done one in a while, but I remember an adapter plug being needed. I have customers with the monitor sitting on top of the cabinet as well as sitting in the original position if you find one with the correct fit.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. Did as you said and found the adjusting screws. Seems it was just a brightness issue. 1 click and it's like new. My screen is now perfect. I can't believe I suffered being unable to read the screen for years, when the solution was so simple! I can actually see the 5mm drill holes in drawing and I can now see : ; * on my screen. No more re-entering things I couldn't read. Thanks again.