Sealing Logs and Cut Boards

Basic advice on sealing log or board ends to prevent checking. November 28, 2014

When using Anchorseal to seal the ends of logs do you just put it on the ends or do you go up the log so far? If so, how far? Is it longer if debarked? What about your cut boards? Any help would be great. Iím loving my new Husqvarna chainsaw and Alaskan small log mill. Every time I cut into a new log, I'm wowed by nature's beauty!

Forum Responses
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From contributor M:
Just do the ends. Some folks like to hit big knots on walnut or oak if you feel the need.

From the original questioner:
Is it okay to seal the ends of cut boards to keep them from splitting or cracking while they dry? I had that problem in the past.

From Contributor Y:
You're not going to hurt anything by putting Anchorseal on the ends of the boards, but if cracks have already started, it isn't going to do much (if any) good.

From Contributor S:
I seal all log ends with Anchorseal. You should do so with a fresh end cut. If the log has been setting more than a day, make a fresh cut to eliminate any developing splits. Any splitting that has occurred before sealing will not be stopped by Anchorseal.