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I'm building a wall mounted mirror cabinet. It will appear as just a big mirror in a frame but have hidden storage behind it for jewelry. I am looking for a way to possibly have a "button" of some sort hidden on the side of the frame that, when pressed, would pop the mirrored door open. The door is 1/2" ply faced with 1/8" mirror that is inset in the frame.

Thanks for the help.

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The Salice Push hinge may be a solution for you. The "Push" hinge is self opening when a small amount of pressure is applied to the door. The door is both held in the closed position and released for opening by the magnetic release devise.

One limitation is that you would need a backer thicker than 1/2" to install the hinge. I would recommend either 5/8" or 3/4" MDF.

Here are some of the basic details:

From contributor Ji

I could probably help more if you could furnish a physical address, description of the jewelry with an appraisal and homeowner routine schedule....
I'll second the PUSH hinge by Salice.

From contributor De

Good one, Jim but I got here first. Do you happen to know a good pawn shop (fence) in Texas?

Brandon, you can also use the 165 degree self opening Push hinges if you would like the door to open more.

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Thanks for the help gentlemen. I will look in to the push device.

Jim I will send the info over right away!! I can see how that would help you to better help me!!

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We just did a similar project. We used an electric lock and marked the button 'panic alarm. We opted out of any touch latch because of their propensity to rattle and give away their existence.

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Forgot about the latch side.
I used a CompX battery operated latch ans strike with a wireless remote on my last one. Works very well and owner liked it.

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Good idea to bring some technology into this project.