Selling Basswood to Carvers

Woodcarvers pay good money for Basswood in the right size and condition. February 3, 2011

I have some 3" x 3" x 10' basswood that I have just taken out of my solar kiln. I'm looking to maybe sell it. Anythoughts on pricing?

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From contributor T:
A dollar apiece is more than I would pay. You might do better offering it to wood carvers.

From contributor A:
A 3" x 3" x 12" sells for about $5.00 at retail stores for carving blanks. That is around $6.50 bdft and most of the time for dried planed basswood, it runs from $4.00 bdft to $10.00 bdft. Planing and chopping them into small sizes seems to be the key to selling it. When you sell big pieces or rough stock, the price drops to about $1.00 bdft. Never figured it out, but the carvers like it smooth to start with. I will be working a show this weekend in Mt Home AR and they will buy it from a dealer from up north and be paying $6.00 bdft and up for the wood.